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How To Start A Blog

Looking to start a blog? Thereís many reasons why you would want to start a blog but you need to know how to build one in the right way. People usually fail when they start a blog because they donít approach it correctly to begin with. Hereís some tips to keep in mind for new blog.

Your Blog Topic

When you want to start a blog the topic of your blog is very important. You should create a blog around something that youíre passionate about. If you have the drive and passion for your subject itís going to be much easier to stick with the blog through the first 6-12 months which can be rough as your blog begins to grow and the traffic is generally low. If you have passion for the subject, this will come out in your writing and it will help people connect with you and your blog.

Learn How To Start A Blog That Matters*

Your Blog Is Going To Need A Domain

If you want to start a blog then you need to get a real domain name. Free sites such as blogger are fine for tinkering around on but if you want to get serious and be seen as serious, you need a real domain name. The ideal blog name should be the niche or keyword you want to target such as ďmakeincomefromhome.comĒ or whatever the website is going to be about. The more specific the domain name is the better itís going to be for you. Donít be afraid to try other extensions besides .com as many of the top names are already taken by a .com but if you can find a .com name by all means take it. Take your time when you get your domain name, as itís important.

Learn How To Start A Blog That Matters*

Content That Makes Your Blog Matter

The next big thing you need to think about is content. You canít start a blog without having great content. You should write this yourself but you can also outsource the work to other people. Make sure all the content makes sense and itís in English. You need to forget about spun content and trying to spam the search engines with keywords as this simply doesnít work anymore. You need blog content that makes sense and adds real value to your blog. You should aim for at least 500 words per blog post and more if you can manage it. Before you launch the blog live, aim for 10-15 solid blog posts you can get up right away as this will help the blog grow. You can add these during the first few weeks after your blog goes live online.

Learn How To Start A Blog That Matters*

Blog Platform

There are a lot of blog platforms out there but for most beginners the one to go with is WordPress. You want to use WordPress when you start a blog because itís very easy to use and it has so many options such as themes, plugins, and other content that make starting a blog very simple. The plugins make it easy to add tons of features to your blog such as mailing lists, SEO optimization, forms, and so on. Thereís a plugin for basically anything you want to do with a blog and they have a simple installation procedure. The editor for WordPress is very easy to use and you can add pictures as well as video with a few clicks. With WordPress you will have a professional looking blog in no time. Youíll also find tons of support for the platform online.

Learn How To Start A Blog That Matters*

You Started A Blog, Now You Must Market It

Once you start a blog youíll have to think about how to market the blog to your audience. You can use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for this to start with. You can also try guest posting where you write an article for another blog with a link back to your own blog. This helps to build backlinks back to your blog and it improves your search engine ranking. You should also create a few videos based around your blog content and post these to YouTube. Videos can be a great source of traffic to your new blog if they are done well.

Itís easier than you think to start a blog. All you need to remember is you need great content and a passion for what you write about. Once the blog goes live, work hard and youíll see success with your blog online.

start a blog
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